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Tory Leather Cotton Web Halter

Tory Leather Cotton Web Halter

$ 108.99

Tory Leather Cotton Web Halter

From the original Tory Leather - MADE IN USA. A horseman uses a leather halter so that the horse will not injure himself if he gets caught. From a safety viewpoint, you should use a halter that will break when undue pressure is put on the halter. This is especially true of a young horse who is more likely to get caught in a situation where he could hurt himself. If a leather halter breaks under heavy pressure, it has done its job. This very attractive stable halter has cotton web cheeks and nose with leather reinforced end tabs. It also has a snap throat, an adjustable leather chin strap, double crown buckles and solid brass hardware.

Colors: Oakbark/Tan or Oakbark/Navy

Sizes: Cob, Horse or Warmblood

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