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Jump'In Travel Rope Halter


Jump'In "Travel" Rope Halter - One Collection

This halter is made with a mix of leather and blue, navy and cream rope. It has a large anatomical headpiece that is lined with micro-perforated leather. This grooming halter can be unfastened from all sides thanks to the crossed-ropes system as the throat lash and the four stainless steel hooks. It can be used to lead a horse and to tie it during grooming or during transport.

Stainless steel buckles.

The One Collection is a leather range created for a daily use with a chic and refined look. It is a wide range in which you will find a large selection of technical products: bridles, training aids and accessories (command or independent gogues, martingales and girths). To be accessible to every rider, the prices are adjusted to an optimum price-quality ratio. The One Collection goes right to basics. It is always keeping the Jump'In quality manufacturing and is a 100% made with savoir-faire.

Color: Hazelnut

Size: Cob or Full

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