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Montar Monarch Jumping Bridle

Montar Monarch Jumping Bridle

$ 329.99

Montar Monarch Jumping Bridle #61001-8

From Montar, the Monarch jumping bridle is designed with your horses comfort in mind.

This ergonomically designed bridle is ideal to ensure your horse is comfortable and allows your horse to work without pressure or restriction.


This uniquely designed headpiece features an adjustable strap to allow a perfect and individual fit to your horse. You can adjust the angle of the cheekpieces to ensure your horse is comfortable around his ears and cheeks. The design of the headpiece with its gap, padding and adjustability substantially reduces pressure on your horses sensitive neck and ears.


The bridle comes with a classic soft and padded browband. The elegant curve both ensures no pressure is applied and highlights your horses expression. The browband is easy to remove, and can be changed for one of Montar's beautiful jeweled browbands, even when the bridle is on the horse.


The soft and padded cushioning of the noseband protects your horses jawbone. It has been designed to avoid pressure on your horses sensitive mouth and jaw. The sweeping soft curves ensure that neither your horses facial nerves or back teeth are impacted by the fit.

All Montar leather items are made of the highest quality Sedgewick leather. All leather is tanned ecologically making it ideal for sensitive horses as it reduces the chance of irritation and allergic reactions. The gentle processing means the leather is incredibly soft and durable. The leatherwork features stainless steel buckles and fastenings. All outer loops are lined with rubber so straps don't come loose.

Reins sold separately.

Color: Black Brown

Sizes: Cob, Full, Extra Full

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