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Kavalkade Hydro Cool Bandages

Kavalkade Hydro Cool Bandages

$ 113.99

Kavalkade Hydro Cool Bandages

For the first time we have a bandage in our program, which consists of a special material "Hydro Cool". To start the cooling process, you only have to moisten the "Hydro Cool" material (hold it under running water or put it in a container) and then bandage normally. The cooling process lasts for a few hours. After use, the bandage can be wound up easily and can be used again as often as you like. Pair.

Use of the Hydro Cool bandage
The cooling effect of the Hydro Cool bandage intensifies the blood circulation in the leg, which reduces swelling and accelerates the healing process, and the cooling effect can also relieve pain. After strenuous training sessions, the "Hydro Cool" products can be used to support regeneration. The products can be used for cooling as often as required.

Color: light blue/black

Size: 3.40 m Length, 10 cm Width

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