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FreeJump Airbag - Safety Vest


FreeJump Airbag - Safety Vest

Our strong ideas for performance and innovation in equestrian sports has naturally led us to turn our attention more towards safety issues.
With the 2019 purchase of the Oscar&Gabrielle brand, well established and renowned as a leading name in clothing compatible with airbags, we set foot in the exciting world of individual protective garments.

More motivated than ever to meet riders’ needs with an airbag that is higher performing, more breathable and better looking, we took a fresh look at our range and after a year working and researching with top level riders and organizations dedicated to safety, our second generation FREEJUMP AIRBAG was born.

Today, the FREEJUMP AIRBAG#2 vest is the first and only airbag to be certified, according to the new norm NF S72-800-2021. Following the work of a team of European experts working together for 4 years, France is the first country to adopt a norm for the manufacture of horse-riding airbags.

While waiting for European harmonization, this new norm NF S72- 800-2021 promises horse riders increased protection regarding the area protected, the inflation speed and because all vests are subject to more stringent impact tests.

  • New design: better protection, 2021 Norm
  • New textiles: more breathable, more flexible and smoother
  • New Gas Cartridge: lighter quicker, new 2021 Norm
  • New leashes (with ball and Y) : quieter, high performance textile

The Freejump Airbag is the result of our dedication for innovation, and of our desire for ever greater performance, comfort and safety for riders. Martin Fuchs is paving the way since December 2019 wearing the Freejump Airbag and Oscar & Gabrielle compatible clothing.

The Freejump Airbag should be worn close to the body, over a thin layer of clothing (T-shirt, sweater or thin pullover, etc.).
Compatible jackets carry the “Freejump Airbag Technology” badge.

Made in France

Each Airbag is tested individually

  • Performance :

Inflation speed 98ms : in 98 ms* the FREEJUMP AIRBAG vest reaches the pressure required to validate impact tests and provide the optimal protection level set by AFNOR standard NF S72-800-2021 (*value for size S) and outclass the impact tests.

  • Protection:

Cervical, Back, Lumbar, Sacrum, Pelvis, Thorax

Neck protection optimized for wearing a certified riding helmet

Optimal neck protection : the neck brace stabilizes the spine and vital areas.

Continuous side protection for a trunk alignment perfect support

  • Innovation:

2 bust lengths on sizes XS, S, M, L for a back, lumbar and sacral protection suitable for all body types.

  • Comfort:

Stretch materials

Micro-perforated fabrics for optimized ventilation

Zip closure

  • Style:

Invisible under the jacket.

Designed to be worn alone or with “Freejump Airbag Technology – Compatible Jacket” approved clothing.

  • Care Instruction 

– Do not machine wash, do not immerse in water. We advise you to clean your Freejump Airbag by hand using a mild detergent

– Never put your airbag in a dryer

– Do not iron

– Avoid high temperatures (direct sunlight, if left in a vehicle, near a heat source of flame).

– Do not leave your airbag folder or rolled up for a long time.

– Put your airbag on a coat hanger and store it in a dry place, away from humidity

Color: Black

Sizes: XS - L

*Includes FJ 60CC Cartridge