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Kavalkade Ivette Dressage Bridle

Kavalkade Ivette Dressage Bridle
"Ivette KavalSH4" snaffle bridle with detachable flash strap without visible bracket
For the first time we are offering snaffle bridles with the addition KavalSH4. These are bridles with a detachable flash strap. The special thing about it is that the bracket for the flash strap is not visible, as is the case with conventional bridles with a removable flash strap. Unlike traditional snaffles with visible flash strap brackets, KavalSH4 snaffles are LPO compliant.

The "Ivette KavalSH4" bridle has an English combined noseband. The side straps are sewn to the noseband with a bow. On the one hand, the nerve tracts to the mouth are slightly relieved, on the other hand, the lacquer on the noseband gives a chic look when riding. The head piece on the snaffle is significantly wider than on conventional head pieces. In addition, it is cut so anatomically that the horse's ear play cannot be disturbed. The noseband and headpiece are softly padded and nestle comfortably against the contours of the horse's head. Including narrow rubberized reins with bars.

- English noseband, adjustable on both sides
- detachable flash strap without visible bracket (KavalSH4)
- Padded headpiece and noseband
- Noseband with a special curved cut for an even better impact
- Extra wide curved headpiece with ear freedom
- Curved rhinestone headband
- Includes narrow rubberized reins with bars

Sizes: Cob, Horse
Fittings: silver
Color: black

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