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beris 2-Ring Tongue Port Bar Bit

beris 2-Ring Tongue Port Bar Bit


beris 2-Ring Tongue Port Bar Bit

This ported bar has an especially flattened port design. This gives the tongue optimum room. Many horses respond to this with more suppleness and increased chewing. This bit is also well suited to horses that play with their tongues, trying to put their tongue over the bit, as the port prevents this effectively. With a height of 30 mm the port is fully permissible under German equestrian sport regulations. Therefore this bit is outstandingly suited to horses that don’t like conventionally shaped bits due to the pressure on the tongue and respond with head-shaking or similar. The 3 ring bit combines an effective lateral restriction, lever and elevator action in one. The degree of effect is selected by the different buckling possibilities for the reins. Buckled onto the bottom ring, taking up the rein exerts the effect of a short lever. The 3-ring bit is often used to test the horse's reaction to a lever effect.

Style: Soft

Sizes: 130mm (5 1/8) or 140mm (5 1/2)

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