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❤ 11/9/2020
"I seldom find myself going by your store, but the other day I was going by and was in need of a second fine-mesh face mask to keep gnats off my horse's face, particularly his eyes. Rhett had already suffered a tear of the cornea of his right eye and protecting it was a major concern. I was shown the Shires fine mesh fly mask with ears and it looked just right, so I bought it. 

My enthusiasm for this product really came when I put it on Rhett. It is made with significant bracing to keep the netting somewhat off the face, especially the eyes, while allowing full vision and protection. I now use it daily rather than alternating it with a different but clean fine mesh fly mask, as I am better served by the Shires fly mask which I brush and wash as needed and put right back on him. The roomy construction also allows me to continue working the horse, using the Shires fly mask over either his riding or driving bridle."

- Aiken, SC