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Consignment Agreement

Consignment Tack Agreement

1. Oak Manor Saddlery receives 40% commission on consigned tack, 24% on saddles and 10% on trailers.

2. Items for sale must be clean and in good, safe, working condition, and free of any flaws. Items may be refused ore turned to owner if not suitable for sale.

3. Articles are left entirely at owner's risk. Oak Manor Saddlery will not be held responsible for loss due to fire, theft or accidental damage.

4. Once sold, the amount owed to the seller will be held as store credit or a check can be issued within 15 business days. $20 minimum on checks. If under $20, store credit will be issued. 

5. Oak Manor Saddlery and/or it's employees may not negotiate the price of consignment items without owners input before the mark down period* begins.

6. Seller agrees that the consigned saddle(s) may be removed rom the store on a trial basis by potential buyers. The seller acknowledges that some wear and tear may occur.

7. Seller will be given all offers regardless.

8. Seller agrees to allow saddle to be advertised online and to allow a saddle to be shipped to potential customer should there be interest.

9. Should the saddle sell online, Seller agrees to have the shipping charges deduced form their portion of proceeds.

*Due to problems of some items being abandoned at Oak Manor Saddlery:

After 8 months item (not to include saddles) is subject to an automatic price adjustment up to 25% off and after 10 months item is subject to be automatic price adjustment up to 50% off. After 1 year, the item will be considered abandoned and will be donated to Equine Rescue or Aiken, Aiken SPCA or Great Oak.

Saddles will undergo a price adjustment up to 50% off after 1 year or will need to be picked up. Owner will be notified via telephone. One attempt will be made to contact the owner. After 2 years, saddle will be considered abandoned and will become property of Oak Manor Saddlery.