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Burlingham Sports Grande Horse Jumps SET OF 13

Burlingham Sports Grande Horse Jumps SET OF 13

$ 24,589.00

Awesome 13 Horse Jump Set. The 8 Verticals and 5 Oxers can be made into even more verticals. There is a large variety of choices that can be made to design your course with many colors and styles. Either Hunter or Jumper styles and features. 
13 Jump Set = (18 Verticals + 5 0xers) CJ-34, Two CJ-35, CJ-36, CJ-37, CJ-38, Two CJ-39, CJ-40, CJ-41, CJ-42, CJ-43, CJ-44.
13 Jump Set 12' = (18 Verticals + 5 0xers) CJ-34/12, Two CJ-35/12, CJ-36/12, CJ-37/12, CJ-38/12, Two CJ-39/12, CJ-40/12, CJ-41/12, CJ-42/12, CJ-43/12, CJ-44/12.

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